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we buy and sell pallets

pallet services

operating procedures:

we buy and sell reconditioned pallets after having restored them to usable quality. our drivers pick up trailers of scrap pallets from our customers and transport them to our facility where they are unloaded and sorted according to their current condition. pallets in need of repair or disassembly are relocated to our repair holding area or disassembling saw line, respectively. pallets that are being disassembled run through our saw line, after which the boards and stringers are separated and stacked. disassembled wood is directed to our board trim saw department where it is correctly sized, and stringers are resized with our chop saw. excess scrap wood is utilized in the production of half boards for all standard size pallets, while scrap stringers are used to make gma #2 pallets. all prepared wood is wrapped, labeled, and stocked in preparation for assembly. various sized boards and stringers are delivered to our production line for assembly based on our customer’s specifications. we have several reconditioning repair lines stocked and ready for repairing pallets, where they are refitted with boards, half-boards, or companion stringers for gma #2 pallets.

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