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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide pallets and pallet transportation solutions to our customers with an emphasis on maintaining affordable rates for our services.

Why J & G Pallets...

J & G Pallets has the capability to design custom pallets for your specific size, handling and storage requirements. J & G Pallets takes into account weight load, material handling systems, conveyor systems, and ergonomics of your operations.
J & G Pallets can also maintain and inventory of specific sizes for custom requested services.

Please inquire regarding the cost-effectiveness of custom pallets or container systems that is just right for your application.

Pallet Management

  • Hundreds of GMA Pallets In Stock
  • Supply All Grades, New, #1's, #2's
  • We Buy Used Pallets
  • New Wood Pallets
  • Reconditioned Wood Pallets
  • Custom Design Pallets
  • Pallet Repairs
  • Pallet Removal
  • Same Day Delivery Service
  • Drop Trailers

Maximum Results

J & G Pallets is one of the largest manufacturers in the region producing hundreds of thousands pallets annually.  Most of our new pallets are produced with Standard A grade materials that exceed industry quality standards.  We also design and develop custom pallets to handle mandated Federal and State Government Specifications and Military Specifications with pallets and packaging to meet all export requirements.